How do I apply for housing?

Call us on 0800 624456 or 03 260 0058 or you can pick up a form from a Christchurch City Council Service Centre or email us via the contacts page and we will send you a form by return email. One of our friendly Placement Advisors will contact you to make an appointment time.

Who will be my new Tenancy Manager?

The Trust has increased the number of Tenancy Managers so there will be more people looking after a smaller number of tenants. Some tenants  may have the same Tenancy Manager and for others you will have a new person. Our team are very friendly and realise that you may be concerned about changes. They will be in contact with you in the first month of the Trust starting up.

What do Community Liaison Coordinators do?

The Community Liaison Coordinators promote tenant well-being and organise events and activities for Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust tenants. All tenants are welcome to participate in any of these events, and you will receive information about what is coming up. We have 10 consultation workshops coming up in October and the Community Liaison Coordinators look forward to hearing your ideas about future events and activities.

I was a tenant of the City Council and now the Trust is my landlord. What does the Trust expect of me?

Building a successful tenant-landlord relationship involves goodwill on both sides. For us, it means we make sure your home is well-maintained and continues to be a safe and secure place to live. For you, it means taking good care of your home and being a considerate and helpful neighbour.

Will Property Inspections be the same as when City Council was my Landlord?

The Trust will undertake more inspections than Council and our Tenancy Managers will visit you 4 times a year. The  first inspection will be within two months of us starting up.

Who do I report maintenance and repairs to?

Talk to your Tenancy Manager or phone 0800 624456 or 03 260 0058.

How do I identify the new Trust employees?  

All our team will carry identification and you should always ask to see it. If you have any concerns call us on 0800 624456 or 03 260 0058.

 How do I make a complaint or give a compliment?

There are several ways you can contact us, and you may want to get a friend or support person to assist you if you’re making a complaint.

  • Talk to your Tenancy Manager
  • Phone 0800 624456 or 03 260 0058.
  •  Go to the Housing page, select either ‘make a complaint’ or ‘give a compliment’ in the dropdown menu and complete the form.
  • Write a letter and mail it to the Trust.